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Structural Change in Agriculture and Rural Livelihoods

Kick-off meeting

The SCARLED kick-off meeting took place at Halle between 7-8 February 2007. All in all 22 participants from nine partner institutions as well as the SCARLED project officer from the European Commission, Daničle Tissot, attended the meeting. The main objective of the meeting was to discuss the SCARLED workpackage tasks and next steps. The consortium came together to agree upon technical details important for the work progress of the project. The project officer of the European Commission (EC), Daničle Tissot, gave an overall positive feedback to the kick-off of SCARLED.

The next general meeting will take place in November 2007 in Timisoara, Romania. An additional interim meeting to further discuss the progress of the survey work is planned to take place at the occasion of the EAAE Budapest seminar from 6-8 September 2007.

WP4 workshop – 5 September 2008 at the Agricultural Economics Research Institute (AKI), Budapest, Hungary

During the joint IAAE-EAAE seminar on “Agricultural Economics in transition: What was expected, what we observed, the lessons learnt” in Budapest from 6-8 September 2008, the SCARLED partners involved in workpackage 4 came together for a workshop. During the meeting the results from the pre-testing of the questionnaire, necessary adjustments and the organisation of the survey implementation were discussed.

First interim meeting - 10 February 2008 at Banat’s University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Timisoara, Romania

The first interim meeting of the SCARLED project took place at the premises of Banat’s University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine in Timisoara, Romania. All in all 22 participants from 10 partner institutions participated in the meeting. The project team appreciated the positive evaluation for the first project year (2007) by the European Commission (EC). During the meeting the progress and upcoming tasks of all SCARLED workpackages were discussed. The SCARLED team intends to finalise the survey and data cleaning work, which is at the core of the project and most of the upcoming tasks in the second project year.

Second interim meeting – 25-26 March 2009 at the University of Newcastle, UK

The second interim meeting of the SCARLED project took place at the University of Newcastle in England. All SCARLED partners were represented at the meeting. The meeting set the course for the final project year.

WP10 meeting 24-25 November 2009 at Corvinus University Budapest (CUB), Hungary

The SCARLED workpackage leaders come together to discuss the outcomes of SCARLED and derive policy conclusions. The aim of the workshop is to prepare drafts of the SCARLED deliverables D10.1 and D10.2.