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Structural Change in Agriculture and Rural Livelihoods

Working Package 5

WP 5: Farm structure evolution

WP leader: UL

Start month: 0



The overall aim of this WP is to analyse the evolution of structural change in NMS in relation to agricultural policies and demographic characteristics by:

  • comparing different patterns of structural adjustment and identifying determinants of structural change in selected NMS;
  • analysing implications for rural labour markets deriving from agricultural structural change and agricultural policies;
  • analysing the interrelationship between demography, structural change, and policies using agent-based simulation in Poland and Hungary.



  • D 5.1   Working Paper "A comparative analysis of structural adjustment patterns and determinants of structural change in five selected NMS" (month 16)
  • D 5.2   Working Paper "Impacts of structural change and structural policies on rural labour markets"
    (month 24)
  • D 5.3    Working Paper "The interrelationships between demography, structural change, and policies in Hungary and Poland" (month 28)

Milestones and expected results

  • M 5.1 Document on the availability of panel data for farm households and data on social indicators from national/regional sources
  • M 5.2 Concept and discussion paper on empirical issues linked with farm structural change, labour market and policy impact analysis
  • M 5.3 Results from augmented survey
  • M 5.4 Definition of scenarios and experimental design
  • M 5.5 Simulation experiments with AgriPoliS completed