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Structural Change in Agriculture and Rural Livelihoods

Working Package 6

WP 6: Socio-economic functions of subsistence farming and co-operation among farmers

WP leader: UNIKENT

Start month: 0



To measure the contribution of subsistence food production to rural household welfare.

To measure the determinants of engagement in, and exit from, subsistence food production.

To understand the barriers and threats to small-scale farms by commercial food production.

To estimate to what extent structural change decreases the role of subsistence farming (a case study of Bulgaria)

To provide an in-depth study of the role of farmers co-operation in Poland.

To provide cross-country comparisons and policy implications.


  • D 6.1   Working Paper "Methodological approaches to analyse co-operation among Polish farmers" (Month 18)
  • D 6.2   Working Paper "Development of small-scale farming in Bulgaria" (Month 24)
  • D 6.3   Working Paper "The importance of subsistence farming as a safety net in the NMS" (Month 24)
  • D 6.4   Working Paper "Analysis of farmers’ co-operation in Poland and lessons for the other NMS" (Month 33)
  • D 6.5   Working Paper "The effect of structural change on subsistence farming and labour market – a case study of Bulgaria" (Month 33)
  • D 6.6    Working Paper "Determinants for, and barriers to, exit from subsistence food production: commonalities and differences among NMS" (Month 33)

Milestones and expected results


  • M 6.1   Identification of the role of co-operation between farmers in rural Poland.
  • M 6.2   Identification of determinants of, and barriers to, exit from subsistence farming.
  • M 6.3    Classification of farm households according to their engaged in, and attitudes toward, subsistence farming.