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Structural Change in Agriculture and Rural Livelihoods

Working Package 7

WP 7: Rural labour markets and diversification of rural economies

WP leader: KU Leuven

Start month: 0



  1. To analyse cross-country differences in rural labour adjustment patterns (regional/international and sectoral: within farm-households and rural sector shifts) and the structure of the rural labour force.
  2. To analyse the determinants of the rural labour adjustment patterns in NMS with a particular focus on the bi-directional interaction with farm restructuring and non-farm sector employment diversification.
  3. To draw implications from EU15 developments and migration analysis for future NMS labour adjustments and rural labour market structure.
  4. To develop a Fuzzy-based empirical model to analyse the socio-economic determinants and structural adjustment functions of farm-household employment diversification



Milestones and expected results


  • M 7.1    Collection of labour force data
  • M 7.2    Cross country data base on employment diversification
  • M 7.3    Country data base (Romania)
  • M 7.4    Econometric analysis of Romanian farm restructuring, rural employment adjustment, and poverty
  • M 7.5    Conceptual model on labour market adjustments
  • M 7.6    Empirical analysis of the determinants of changes in the labour market structure
  • M 7.7    Lessons from previous accession processes and implications for labour force structure in current and future NMS
  • M 7.8    Review of theory concepts and their applicability to the analysis of employment diversification of farm-households
  • M 7.9    Econometric analysis of employment diversification